April 8, 2013

painting and drawing

all the lamps and furniture has been gone (into the garage)... and my community friends have started to paint, it's going on well and i'm so happy not having to paint the sealing myself, but have people taking on the task with lots of energy. the floor will be taken out next, within the next couple days.

thea of course had to get going with a project too. and painting/drawing is the first she usually asks to do. especially right now with the folks working with paint in our living room. i was a ready for her request, there has been a porcelain painter in my "tool box" for a couple weeks now. we did a bit of discussing what she could draw and then hands on. it's fun to watch her decorating a mug for her godfather. perfect to bring over to his house tomorrow, as it is his birthday.
yes! the timing on this one worked out better than i would have had the guts to imagine. sometimes fate is good with us. and more often going with the ideas being brought to my attention by the kids is just what i need to pay attention and all goes well.

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