April 2, 2013

the easter days


a few days at my parents, keeping the tradition to colour eggs, play games and go for walks, even in this wet and not so very welcome spring snow.
then on easter morning we celebrated the risen Lord with an easter fire in the woods. no pics of that very special time with our friends. i just could not make myself to take the camera along that early in the morning, still dark and snowing a bikeride up the hill to the neighboring village. it was worth it, absolutely worth it to meet out there around the fire singing a our joy into the very quiet of the woods, songs in thankfulness and joy.
the sunday afternoon was coming, lot's of expectations to play a big game of hide and seek the easter bunnies... fun and everyone was involved a family event we all love.
a wonderful few days with family and friends, good food and this all in the spirit of knowing, that our redeemer is alive.

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Jessica K said...

Such an adorable picture of the kids! Happy Easter, D!