June 11, 2013

family matters

it is such a blessing to live close to our extended family. biking for 1hour is all we need to do (or for that matter a 20 min. train ride) and we are with loved ones... the kids love to visit their cousins, and it is the case that this family is also having a nice little garden with a trampoline, which makes it even more attractive for them. we adults sit and talk and share and eat and drink and enjoy to be with people we don't have to explain who we are, how we work as we share so much of the past with them.

it is a strong support and recourse of strength to have a big extended family. it is our physical family as well as the fact that we share our faith in christ. this makes it even more valuable and so it happens, that we sing together and the deep understanding in the basics of life, are bringing me so much joy.
it also is freeing my mind, and maybe that is the best of all. there is no pretending keeping up the guard, it is acceptance and understanding and feeling at home.

i'm thankful for my extended family

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