June 20, 2013

the sewing school

a couple weeks back i got the sewing school book for naomi. she absolutely loves it and got started right away. there is something to this book, just super easy and exciting to pick a project, get fabric and accessories together, find the pattern and start the real work.
mama has a big stash of crap fabric and notions to pick from. this is of course an other fun moment, digging through all the piles of it and finding just the right fabric for her ugly doll.

a few hours later, the next day, the doll got all stuffed and had to pose for me, together with the girls. i don't now who was more proud, naomi or me... the finished project looks very good, a wonderful present for naomi's little cousin j who turnes one next month.

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mountain girl said...

That is such a wonderful milestone. I remember my first sewing projects, and they were the beginning of a lifelong love!