June 18, 2013

in the vineyard


last saturday as we visited my parents, we also did a quick work trip into the local vineyard. my dad had to install a new wire in order for the nets to be pulled over the vines later in the summer. it was the kick off of summer weather, o such wonderful sunshine and warmth, bare feet and the smell of fresh cut grass in the air we walked the quick way over and did our work. once more i realized how much i love the work with my hands outdoors!
maybe one day i will be a farming girl again, it's back there in my head...

sometime i'm glad to have taken the camera along, this time it definitely was fun. o that hand of my father, it has to tell many stories, working all their life and still going on. every day lots of cows have been milked, apples picked, insects inspected and bugs plucked from potato plants, held many times our little hands, taken us along on walks around the farmland.
it's good to see through the lens, many times i started to ponder, looking at pictures taken. a good thing, this time too, wonderful memories and a wee bit more understanding my dear father.

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Alicia said...

I always admire your photos, D, but these struck me as especially beautiful, touching and meaningful. My stepmother also commented on your photos the other day, and she will be so pleased to hear that you like the fabric! We laughed out loud ato read your comments about the dog fabric, it made us very happy. Just a tiny way to honor your boy's sweet relationship with Junebug!

Love to all you Roth Naters!!