June 12, 2013

on the table

besides flowers, this time lupins from my friends garden...
there is frequently delicious food on our table. our life has been taking place mostly in the garden and with it also our meal times. it is the end of asparagus season in switzerland. we love green asparagus and the yoghurt sauce recipe is pretty simple and fabulous, pared with grilled tilapia and whole rice.

yoghurt-asmparagus sauce
250 gr green asparagus cooked, keep heads and cut the lower parts into 3mm slices
250 gr greek yoghurt, add some mustard a bit lemon juice and a finely chopped shallot, thinly sliced radishes and chopped parsley, mix well. add cut asparagus.
1dl whole creme whipped, add some salt and pepper to season.
use the asparagus heads to decorate.

and then there was an other project being conducted one afternoon... joel got out all the tops of bicycle bells he collected in his youth. there is much to do with them, arranging, rearranging and even some tuning was done. lots of fun, not just for joel but the kids and i loved to listen and look and get involved as well.
we will see what will happen at some point, there are lots of ideas floating around, xylophones, wind chimes of all sorts, putting them up on a board for what ever fancy strikes! i'm sure they will be taken out again, or maybe be forgotten by most of us, though not by joel.

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