June 24, 2013

red and rhubarb

it is summer and red lupines are just so beautiful.  they don't keep very long after cutting, though for 3 days i enjoyed a bit of heaven in the living room. a friend is bringing me regularly bouquets onto our kitchen table, i'm so blessed, thank you k for delivering flowers into my house, without me even having to order!

and then was there that delicious idea of combining linzer tart with rhubarb. of course i had to try this recipe out as rhubarb is one of my favorite treats in this early summer season.
it turned out to everyone's liking, even joel who's favorite dessert is the classic linzer tart (with raspberry jam). he was very skeptical about the rhubarb idea, though he helped himself to seconds and that has been reason enough to know that he likes it too.

besides, the rhubarb lemonade was a nice add on. after cooking the rhubarb with some brown sugar, and letting it drain for a moment, there was that wonderful lemonade. great in colour and even better to taste!

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Unknown said...

Beautiful flowers!