June 10, 2013

late peonies :: lomely sandals

it was a  sunny weekend, lot's of time was spent doing work in our garden, sun bathing and loving the out door time. we went to visit joel's broth and did so by bike. all of us riding and loving it. of course the boys went ahead and rode much faster than the rest of us, though that's fine and they should really love the speed it's definitely a thrill feeling the wind in my hair.
the peonies are at their last few days, wonderful pink and such a wonderful colour in the lush green of an early summer garden. the red currents are coming in well, and the green is so strong, the berries will be plenty this summer. o yummy red currents, their tart taste will be once more lovely, ready to be eaten in month or so.

and of course it's bare foot weather again!

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