September 9, 2013

in the kitchen and on the table

the tomatoes we harvest and get in the veggie share are so very pretty and even yummier. late summer is treating us with so much love and my taste buds are in hope for a few more weeks of all kinds of tomatoes.

to spice up my home made sloppy joe, i chopped up a little dried hot pepper (without the flakes), two small sweet peppers from our spice and herb garden right outside the window. fresh rosemarie, dried thyme and i found a few sliced up garlic which needed a bit of chopping and using them up...
and all got into the sauteing pan with olive oil, i did let the spices take their time in the hot oil to build up more flavor, added the ground beef and cut up a few juicy tomatoes and a bit of water.

and this is what i used it for, to fill up my two pattison's, an other 45 minutes of cooking in the oven and there we go, super yummy.

an other evening we grilled, of course some meat, some cheese and lots of marinated zucchini. one of my summer favorits

with the meat and grilled veggies, we topped the family dinner with a rice salad, lots of tomatoes and fresh chives, lovely and a wonderful starch component to our meal.

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