September 4, 2013

my tomato sauce

i was at the veggie farm this morning. and, o how lovely it is to harvest beans. lots and lots of them, all will be in tomorrows veggie share baskets! just as i wanted to leave and go home, lina offered me two big bags of tomatoes, wow what a wonderful present! upon arriving at home, i was already immersed by fresh thyme, oregano, basil and rosemarin. a bit olive oil, the chopped herbs, onions and garlic were quickly roasted and the tomatoes diced and added.
all afternoon it simmered, a wonderful scent was in the air and i'm so ready for a plate of pasta with fresh sauce and parmesan!

as said, an afternoon of cooking and then putting it all in jars. set for the long and cold winter days, for special occasions, o yes not just an every day sauce, a big treasure for sure.

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