September 17, 2013

the last of summer

on my morning runs i spotted a sugar beet field with lots of sunflowers, the plants didn't look to well, most of them were on the ground and trying to get an other go at growing.... so one afternoon i took the bike and thea with it to fetch some of "the last of summer". a quick and wonderful undertaking, an eye opener and a few moments of keeping still, soaking it all in.
the sheep and their little bells across the field in their pasture, very serene and a reminder of nature taking it's course, doing what it needs to do, preparing for harvest and slowing down to be ready for the cooler nights.
it has cooled down a lot, in the thirties is now a common start into the day. nice for running, so i don't mind it at all. but i also can't really let go, yet...

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