September 2, 2013

sushi for dinner

once more we enjoyed a lovely dinner behind the house. and the kids where so happy, i got  sushi for all of us to have a little to try. it does pay to go for a quick trip late on saturday afternoon.
there are all those orange 50% price tags sticking on wonderful foods! this is how we got to eat sushi...

we miss having exotic foods on the table on a regular basis. that is one thing we very  much enjoyed in america. it was absolutely affordable to go out, the six of us, into a korean, indian, mexican, chinese, thai restarant and eat for less the $100, including drinks!

o well we live in switzerland now and we are making do. having a glass of wine and priced down sushi on a saturday night...

or then we will be preparing sushi for our self's that's on the list anyway.

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