September 25, 2013

september sunshine

the last few days were absolutely filling all my storage capabilities of september sunshine. such wonderful afternoons with that warm light floating the garden. i even had to water the planters all around the house, a good thing to do in september!
laundry was drying in a breeze and i love folding all those warm and sun filled clothes. there is really not quite a chore in the household which i like more, as folding laundry in the garden, in a wonderful sunny afternoon.
and there were even moments of just sitting and looking into the birch tree, the leafs start turning yellow already. the light is giving all of nature such a golden coat, this is the best and i linger a moment longer out of doors. we even got to enjoy dinner still in the garden, a cardigan does the trick, and we all keep it that way, as long as we can.

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