September 19, 2013

in my kitchen

:: i absolutely love the italian plums, and everyone in our family loves to eat plum tarts! right now it's at least once a week if not more frequently that we eat this for dinner. i also put some plums away in the freezer, i do want to be able to keep the fruit tarts on the table while winters cold is going to take over i a couple months.

:: so colorful is the season, red and yellow belle peppers, i'm fortunate to be able to purchase the local kind, which is grown in real soil in a tunnel. they do taste so much better and easier to digest compared with the horsol kind from the netherlands or spain. a don't get acid reflux from the once purchased now at the local market and i do appreciate this. there is also kale and zucchini, tomatoes and corn in being sauteed in this frying pan. all being served like this on whole grain pasta. o so yummy!

:: how do i "sell" all that zucchini to my kids?
they do love omelets and that's what i did, sauteing zucchini and onions with a bit of basil. then add the golden browned veggies to the omelet when it's baked. everyone liked it and didn't mind at all. a dish i'm going to do again soon.

:: two big jars of dried apple pieces are on the counter

:: about 2 dozen jars of apple-fig as well as some apple-cinnamon marmalade is stored in the basement

:: not to mention that green bean's are served in all variations, the kids mostly like the salad variation of them

:: there will be more tomatoes arriving tonight, as i will be picking up the veggie share, there is not a lot to do with them, just eat, my dear kids eat as many of them as you like. thea loves to take them to kindergarten for snack, there is nothing more i could wish for isn't there

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