December 31, 2016

last years list

it is my intention to look back at the list. the list i wrote at the beginning of 2016. i looked back and tallied up in the middle of the year once, it is encouraging and helps me to put the focus into the direction i intended at the beginning of the year. no it is not a list i have to keep, not a list i must be checking off at any cost. it is a list of things i wish to do and become and learn. a list to not loose sight. it is a good helper when i feel like nothing is working the way i wished or planned to. it has been encouraging to read through the list mid year and even if i don't get to cross off each item of the list, that doesn't disturb me at all. i still keep adding lines mid year!

so here is the look back:

1.  in general say more yes, and in particular to my kids
     - still in training and yes with our oldest i feel like i was able to keep my no's at a lower pace and i do want to improve on that.

2.  be less controlling
     - the same here, though i really have to pull back with the 17 year old and sometimes this is working well, maybe i should ask the children and joel how they feel about this item on my list

3. grow mushrooms behind the house on wooden logs
    - i bought a starter set a couple months ago and tried to do everything right, though no results yet, we will wait and see. and now i can tell you, it didn't work out. maybe i will try again next summer

4. sing in a choir
    -  it has been fun to sing with the kantorei on three different occasions, this past sunday was one of those moments, when the four voices come together and the conductor is bringing it together wonderfully, this has been great. and i got the chance to work twice with a coach on posture and resonance within the body, well that was just great.

5. read good books
     - leon and louise, alex capus
     - invincible, diana palmer
     - the rosie project, by simsion graeme
     - the rosie effect, by simsion graeme
     - the imperfect offering, by james obrinski
     - abenteuer reisender frauen by armin strohmeyer
     - glaubensweltern der bibel by stefan wälchli
     - transhelvetica, a magazin i really like

     - sapiens, by yuval noah harari
     - my sisters the saints, by colleen carroll campell
     - was ist guter unterricht, by Hilbert Meyer
     - a brief history of thought, by luc ferry

6. take thursday afternoons off for crafts or reading or visit a friend
    - this one has been suffering, as i started to tutor a student as well as picked classes, which takes up my tuesdays. though i have managed to do four weeks of ICAD16 and i will pick up on that project..
no i never picked up where i left it... and i'm ok with that. crafting has been put on the back burner as for the past four months, and it will stay there, at least for now.

7. run 30k a week
    - i was on target until april, when my hip started to hurt. and i got really sick a strong could got hold of me for three weeks. i started up again by early june and do one 11kg run on mondays and two to three 6-8km. it all ends up closer to 25k a week than 30.

8. this week :: through the lens, start my friday blog post series
    - i like to venture out and about, to be more intentional about carrying the camera along. it has been good for me and really keeps me focused on the particular things more intently.

9. go out for dinner with joel as well as with good friends
    - we went out once, it was a bit of an obstacle course, but wonderful when we finally sat down to eat, that was in, we had dinner with friends and discovered, that it works well, if we put the girls to bed and visit friends for a late night visit...

10. take a class what ever interests me
      - this one turned itself on me. i'm kind a back in school, taking classes toward teaching religious education for elementary aged kids. i love it and have fun being out of the house a full day a week. and this has been going on, taking classes all year long and working toward a degree...

11. stick with the rule of not buying new clothes
      - yup it helped to have that one on the list last year. i got a few new pieces from a yard sale, and last week i found a wonderful wool jacket at a second hand shop, as well as some new underwear, this really was needed. i got two new tops from the second hand in town and a dress from a yard sale. just last week i also ordered three pairs of tights (fair trade, at least)

12. take each child for special outings on their own
      - with thea i went on a hike, just a sunday afternoon in spring, it was great, she loves hiking, so we went again in early summer. naomi needed new sandals and for this we ventured into the city and after taking a whole hour of looking and trying on, we went to the first store and bought a nice pair of summer sandals. besides a few apt. i had to go with the boys, there was no special time spent alone with them, though that will happen.
shopping with naomi is a whole different story, very frustrating, though good for our relationship. then i also went out to by shirts with elias. running with amos (once), riding the train with thea.

13. i want to give the cross country skiing a try while on ski vacation in february
      - no, there was no cross country skying this winter, but there was snowboarding! yes i was standing on the board on two consecutive days and loved it!

14. practice gratitude “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.” -- Cicero
     - this one is in the back of my head a lot and i realize how i get involved in conversations with friends about gratitude. a good sign that i'm practicing

15. sew a quilt for my sister in law
    just finished the quilt for L "dotted scheme"

16. knit or crochet or sew at least one item a month go give away
    - pot-mitt
    - pot-mitt
    - portland pullover
    - blue moebius
    - 8 medieval crochet helmets
    - the sunday dress for thea  
    - cowl for amos
    - knit a hat for amos
    - knit a hat for thea

17. sort through my books and give away what i not read or need anymore
this has worked in some regards, two big paper bags of books have been carried away from our book shelfs, yeah!

18. keep buying fabric :) and stay at the machine more often
nope didn't happen
19. take a longish family vacation (outdoor adventure) this summer
     - we are heading to montenegro for kayaking in a week

20. practice twice a week on the ukulele
     - no where near

21. go to the art museum in winterthur and the kunsthaus in zurich for this and this

22. switch away from plastic wraps to something like bee's
has not manifested itself, but thinking is taking place and talking plans over with a friend has also happened

23. clean up thea's room as well as have the naomi & amos clean up theirs during summer brake
yes the two of us made it happen thea is good at vacuuming. amos is good at cleaning up little corners at a time and keeping his room in check. naomi is creative in all this

24. sew a pair of linen pants for myself
this item is carried over to next year

25. organize a house concert/session in the fall
didn't happen and that is fine too. instead joel and i went for three days of hiking and this was wonderful

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