January 3, 2017


that's how we started the new year. with an easy, not to do anything but be day. a day with wonderful people, delicious food and great music.

it seemed like a good fit and together with our friends we absolutely enjoyed the first day of 2017. i almost forgot, of course there was a little walk in the foggy landscape. i didn't take the camera along, but i can tell you, it was perfect. i did notice, that i love the sun and it's warmth, it's bright light and even if it gets really hot in the mid summer days. but what i also noticed the past days, fogy, overcast days have their charm and walking in those moments of cold weather, not enjoying a great view, but seeing nothing, i loved it and discovered a new the charm of it.

lovely table decoration and a three course dinner with all kinds of fish and sea food was wonderful and pleasing. of course remembering our boston days, i do miss the sea food, land locked switzerland is just not the place for that kind of, i feel like "luscious dining".
thank you to our hosts all the folks at montmirail, where we spent a few days of still, creative, thinking and of course playing board and card games!
it has been  many years, and we plan to go back to this place we very much appreciate and feel welcomed, feel at home for the of finishing up as well as starting into...

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