January 24, 2017


a lazy afternoon at home, i turned up the heat as we have a bit of a cold spill, for a week now, we are in the low twenties, even during day times...
it is a dry cold though and that makes it bearable. on sunday we felt lie curling up in front of our fire place, it was wonderful, almost boring, the nice kind of boredom. when one feels like, it's ok to stay indoors in the cozy place we call home. not one sunbeam was tempting me to go out, no blue sky, no excited children's voices calling and pulling me outside. it was alright to stay put and knit and make music, read or even studying in front of the fire place was a comfortable thing to do.
as we do not know anything like "snowdays" or "white out's", here in switzerland, such a sunday afternoon is the closest we get to experience a stay indoors and just do nothing, feel comfy and enjoy the moment of nothingness!

so these are a few impressions, it was lovely.

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