January 25, 2017

the chairs and rambling on

those old and loved chairs have crossed my path recently and i was intrigued by seeing them. it is not special in most ways, but i'm sure they would be able to tell their stories. but they can't talk and i just can't take my eyes off, regardless. still, very quiet, and speaking in their own language. imaginary stories and of times past.
so often we don't pay attention to those every day objects, the things we encounter in our daily routine. we are in haste, or feel like there is no time to stop the flow of what we are about to do. but it is worth, just a moment of still. staying put and open our eyes, our senses to what is happening, as well as to what has left it's trace behind.

many a person must have been sitting on those chairs, what about that numbering? carving and upholstery, it is a lot, it is so rich and adds a wonderful flavor to my goings about. i'm learning to take those moments of being interrupted, of being pulled out of the today and busy business. learning to observe and be gifted by the moment or the item, being allowed to enter my life.

a thank you to our for-fathers and mothers, the people walked on this earth before us, leaving a trace for us to encounter and wonder and enjoy.

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