January 17, 2017

o those painted rocks

this one is pulled out from the old year. i do like it though and it has become a bit of a lead into this newly started year. as i painted for many hours to decorate the lunch tables on my mother in laws 70th birthday party. it was definitely a labor of love and it turned out to be liked and enjoyed by her and all her guests.

so much to "gifting" with love to create joy. of course i was very glad i had helpers and i will take it not for granted to call those helping hands, my kids.

today i spent in school, for today and the next three tuesdays i'm taking a class in child development. of course much of is it not new, but good to hear again. and it is a class with lots of practical applications being exchanged and shared. it is part of the degree i'm working on in religious education. and i do enjoy it, lectures and some people i get to know, taking those classes alongside. well it's also a bit challenging, as i have to write little papers for each class, or some other kind of proof, that i was participating and studying... i guess it's good to be back in school, not much, but enough to get my brains stimulated and working again in a way that is really good.

so, let's paint some rocks again and think and ponder all those maslow, mary ainsworth, and more peoples ideas and ideologies. and i do keep enjoying the looks of my painted rocks...

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