January 5, 2017

the list 2017

a moment of gray and not too much of a view. still i love this picture a lot. it's a winters still. i do enjoy the days of doing what i want and not doing, mostly not having to do. and so it's a fogy moment with a lot of promises. what ever the new year, we call it 2017 will bring is not known. at least most of it is not know. some is known and anticipated, most of the daily routine will just happen, and there will be some changes, some decisions which will change routines and others will stay and i will hold them tight and call them traditions.
the list of this year will include items i have not been able to do or enjoy over the last years, some i feel strong about, so i just keep them on the list. this is fine, life is evolving and shifting and maybe those list items will fit in and even evolve logically. other things i added very new, very fresh ideas and thoughts and wishes. it's all seen not as a to do, but rather as a work in progress and a it has the value of, not forgetting, being able to follow up and keep track, things i really do appreciate and enjoy.

1. finish A's quilt as well as the other one, both are sandwiched, it should be a matter of a few weeks...
2. hand in the papers a couple weeks after finishing the course.
3. practice the ukulele twice a week
4. sewing the linen pants i have in mind
5. buy a beeswax-wrap and figure out how to do it my self...
6. visit the gewerbemuseum in the city, to see this
7. go on a two day get away with naomi
8. knit, crochet or sew at least one project a month
9. stop by this store in zurich
10. rent a snow board for a few days in february, when we are in adelboden
11. say not quickly no to the kids, but pause and then respond
12. read good books
13. have dinner out, with friends or just joel, for a change....
14. don't buy any plastic bottles (water, tea, etc.)
15. carry the bamboo mug i own in my hand bag, to not reuse at any given time for take away beverages
16. organize a little house concert for our friends and neighbors
17. go on a two or three day hike with joel
18. run 25-30km a week and participate in a race
19. be especially patient and supportive with Thea practicing the cello
20. watch a good movie in the theater, with a friend
21. write snail mail birthday cards, no emails, no sms, no what's up, neither count blog comments...

this is it so far, i know it will get longer over the course of this year, and that is fine...


Anonymous said...

number five's waiting @ the b's (not the bees :-)) and i figure you will figure out how to do it!

nela said...

thank you, i'm really excited, this was so unexpected!