January 11, 2017

the 13th

it's naomi's 13th birthday!
yea! we love her and she is such a great and wonderfully spirited girl. it makes me happy to see her enjoying a big lunch table, grandparents and friends to gather and eat with.
the dessert party in the afternoon was her own wish and baked and cooked by her. just the perfect day for her birthday, as it was a teachers conference day and kids got the whole day off.
and of course a big thank you to all our grandparents and friends, coming and loving our girl in a special way on her day.

she was born on a super cold morning and quick to enjoy the rhythm of our little family. simply eating, sleeping and being happy and content. a bit later, she still loved people and even strangers, didn't mind to sit at the table with lots of people. and even better put herself to sleep by singing her own lullabies. yes a pretty sweet voice already way back as a toddler. she has grown into a fighter for the less fortunate and people must be treated justly. a strong will and still wonderful voice are her companions.

thank you naomi for staying with us, your mama and all the family, we love you
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Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Happy birthday to your new teenager!! xo

~ Wendy

Alicia said...

As Naomi taught us to say, "Yay hooray!" Lots of love to you all and especially Naomi for her birthday. XOXO, Powell-Wangs