January 30, 2017

on the ice

it is not usually cold long enough for the lakes, even the smaller ones, to totally freeze, here in switzerland. but the past 10 days did it and so we were able to enjoy a little stroll and some fun on the "bichelsee". this is a bigger pond, which is usually used by all ages to swim in the summer. it's shore is shallow and nature is kind of left alone.
for the moment though, one can walk and run and play and skate on the lake. it is not guaranteed by any authority, as they are just not doing this. though the local schools used the frozen pond for games and just to give the local school kids the opportunity to experience the spectacle. and we went too, yesterday afternoon, as we trust the locals to know their pond well enough to hop on the ice.

it was fun, to do something, which is just about every 8th year possible, walking on a frozen pond in the usually rather moderate climate of switzerland.

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