January 12, 2017

femur the cat

o our dear cat, he escaped again today and i didn't run after him. he should not be out as he is still young and there are cars and a brook near by. though most of all, one can't catch him anymore. he loves the trees around the house and the birds are definitely interesting as are the chickens in the back yard.

we got him back and are happy, i guess i should get used to femur growing into an outdoor cat...

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Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

We went thru the same thing with our cat when we first adopted him. I wanted to keep him safe inside but our two other cats came to us having already been indoor/outdoor and Finnegan wanted nothing to do with having to watch his fur siblings thru the window. He never wanders far from home thankfully. Glad your baby is back safe and sound. Happy new year to you and your family!! xo

~ Wendy