January 9, 2017

snow and more

snow is lots of fun, and it has to be enjoyed, played with and built with. thrown at and thoroughly embraced. that's what the girls did when it all came down, that wonderful white toward the end of last week. there was the time to really enjoy it, as school started just today. a long christmas brake had us all in embrace until today.
plenty of stomping going on, i went twice running in that beautiful white, and it is not gone yet, so there will be a bit more time spent with it, in it!
it has been a wonderful two weeks, with the kids as well as joel being off work. we all tuned into a slower and later in the day rhythm, something like 9am breakfast slowly getting the chores and work we liked to do lined up and done. the boys went to the movies once and we all had dinner at a friends house. lingered around with knitting needles and o yes, i should not forget that some of us cleaned up their desks and rooms and work places. o wonderful time in between, i love thee.

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