January 10, 2017

the new machine

we have a new machine, or shall i call it toy? in the house. joel and i have been thinking and pondering for a long time and then all of a sudden, there was the decision made. it was a bit of a surprise to both of us, but not a spur of the moment. joel initiated that conversation again and so we decided that it really was the right time. and all fit in perfect, joel arranged it all and picked the machine up last saturday, together with elias, he is excited about it too.
we even have a fitting room to set it all up, and now there it is, the rowing machine...

of course it had to be worked right away, everyone had to row the 500 meters and of course elias was beating each and everyone to it with his 1:37.
well there is really no harm in that, as he is our super competitive person in the family and probably the most fit and sporty. anyway, he is not doing as much as me, with my running and i'm not certain if he would keep up with me for a 10k (well i know he absolutely would beat me on a race over that distance, and that without training....). and now we can row for hours if need be...

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