December 15, 2016

rhythm of nature

the colors ar gone, just at some corners in the neighborhood there is some yellow and pink or red to be spotted. we have had some good frosty nights and even the days have been cold last week.
it is warmer again and the mornings are just gorgeous, frosty icing on the ground with a week but persistent few rays of the winter sun. lovely and life giving, as it is late in the morning, almost eight when it dawns.
evenings are early, as the sun sets around 5pm. nature is sleeping mostly and that is good this way. i'm glad we already had a week of freezing so the top soil has been frozen and i hope for some more of it. as for this week, the chickens are out trying to find some food again...

nature is pretty, regardless of the season, regardless if i take the time to look and observe or not. i try to be careful and want to notice changes, growth or how in late fall or even now in early winter, nature starts sleeping and rejuvenating from the inside.
it's a rhythm and i love this rhythm, best of all, running regularly makes me able to tune in much more and take in some good and quiet as well as beauty with me.

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