December 8, 2016

the city

it has been my last morning in school for this year. a lovely stroll after school along the river in the city made my morning bright. it was a good morning, a lecture about liturgy and how it is implemented into the service with school age children. in particular the reformed liturgy of the church here in switzerland.
as i'm not unfamiliar, rather say i love when the services on sundays, as well as other prayer times, have a clear structured flow. the reformed church here in switzerland has not a very strong liturgical lead and i'm glad that the pastors at our local church try to stay close to the guidelines of the liturgy which is suggest.

it has been nice, to walk through the old city of zurich after a lesson, which has so many connections to this place. not just that it is the city of zwingli, who got rid even of the organ in the church! there was, now in retrospect, lots of harm done, and even then, many good things grew out of the reformation, right here in zurich.

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