December 12, 2016


the weekend with musicians...
well, saturday went buy in a jiffy and sunday afteroon was not really planned out, just in the back of my head, there was that faint idea, that it might be possible to have a bit of life music in the living room. of course i was aware, that the boys are leaving by mid afternoon, as they had to rehears for the evening service, playing with their band at church yesterday.
and then, it happened all of a quick sudden. the musicians picked up their instruments and we were sitting and enjoying it. thea was quick to pick up her cello. she has done so in the past, but never really chimed in bravely. though yesterday afternoon, she decided, that droning and some plucking would be fun. and as the tunes joel and our friend c played are in keys which thea is able to play without fingers. this made it possible to pick it up and play along with some simple plucking as well as droning with the bow. and i was reminded, how fun it was, way back in JP, having our music brunches and the kids just simply play along with the grown ups. good memories, very fond ones.

of course there was not just music, there was tea and cake and games!
and a sleepy cat!

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