December 28, 2016

christmas ramblings

arriving at my parents house was a big hello and joyful reunion especially by all the cousins. it is a blessing to see how well the younger as well as the older teenagers are getting along with each other. christmas on the 25th in the evening. celebrating with extended family and seeing how much my parents love to be in the middle of the hustle bustle, it is a blessing.
even the moments of singing and music making, the time of reading the scripture and praying together. it has filled my heart with gratefulness.

after dinner and celebrating around the tree, there are all the christmas cookies, coffee, water and tea for all. in many of those moments i remember people and places without the comfort of a warm living room to gather, without food, without clean water. and we have not earned it we have not done anything to deserve this. it has been given to us here in the middle of europe and i'm eager to share it and pass on to the person in need, to the stranger on the street side.

we shared our christmas eve dinner with neighbors and friends, with people not having family to go to. it has been a good celebration and festive. singing went well to and a short story was shared by one of our friends. i'm blessed and often don't know about it.

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