December 21, 2016

so fitting

i already mentioned, that thea was switching instruments in august. it was a good move, the right decision and she loves her big instrument. the sitting and holding the cello between her knees is helping her to stay focused. she doesn't mind the carrying of the big instrument at all, which i was a bit worried. but all around it seems like she has found her instrument. i'm very glad as practicing has gotten so much easier and i don't need all kinds of tricks to get her to work. it has been delightful and mostly happy, to spend some time making music and practicing her songs.
she loves the plucking, as the bowing is still a challenge. it mostly is a question of physical strength in her right arm. we work on that one with lots of enthusiasm. up and down, and back and forth and lets do that rocket song again, etc.

she loves to play and has proudly taken the cello to class, to play some christmas songs for the class. this is wonderful and helps her to keep the goals set during practice times.
i'm glad we found the cello, or rather, said: the cello found thea!

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