December 20, 2016

the starlike moments

the advents decoration at our front door is particularly interesting in mid mornings. the sun rising and it's rays being sent right into our house. i love the moments of glitter and often take just a little moment to be still, to watch and rejoice in the new day. a moment of great happiness and thankfulness. such a wonderful sight and simply seeing God's grace and beauty in the every day.

a rhythm of sorts, or maybe the beginning of all rhythms. how the day is started, how the light and warmth of the sun is waking us up every morning.
rambling and pondering, taking it in and taking it along with me, all day until the sun sets again.

rhythm of life, rhythm of seasons and just being and enjoying it. taking a moment. be still and enjoy those starlike and life giving moments, given by God, the creator of all things and through all things.

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