December 13, 2016

roasted pumpkin

it is squash season for me and who ever sits at our kitchen table. there has been variaties of pumpkin soup, with different seasonings, like sage or saffron.

though lately i discovered the roasted squash or pumpkin, pealed, sprinkled with olive oil and seasoned with herbs, salt and ground pepper. it is super quick, and easy, the oven does all of it for me. there is also a variety with chick peas mixed in on the cookie sheet. they get all crisp and add a nice switch of texture to the soft squash. my people seem to like it and we also love to heat it up a day later with re-fried rice. there can any kind of sugo (simple tomato sauce) be added or as today, i made a white blue cheese sauce. well i loved this variety a lot!

and good for me, there is still half a "little knirps" waiting in the fridge and an other big pumpkin in the garden shed, waiting to be eaten.

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