December 19, 2016

a bit late

it has been a couple days, but i still love the color of those santa lucia rolls. it's not anything like a swiss tradition or carrying it over, home from new england, but we have been enough in touch with swedish folks, that i started taking on the tradition of baking those saforan rolls. there are all kinds of versions, some sweeter than others and some like the ones i baked last week, on the 13th of december.

they were ready on the table waiting for the kids to come home after school mid afternoon. some were left and eaten for dinner. it was nice and the yellow brightened up my day quiet a lot.
lights in the mid of the winters dark season is needed and liked. candles are part of our breakfast table as well as in the evenings, as it is already dark at 5pm.

days and traditions bringing warmth and light, symbolizing the love and the hope of christ, into our every days doing are needed and we do good to remember and take it to heart.

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