December 29, 2016

painted rocks

it was a birthday for which i committed to make the decoration. the birthday of a very special woman, my mother in law. she loves bold colors and this, i wanted to reflect with the decoration. still we wanted it simple and as our local florist is just open friday and saturday, i opted for a "not floral" option. i didn't wan't to worry about flowers before as well as over chirstmas. and rocks are easy to care for...
elias got me a big load from the local river bed, it was a great help to me. and over the course of 5 days i was painting and painting and painting some more. i loved the work, though was very glad, when it was all done and ready packed in a big box as well as strong bags. i got a big arm of "lebanese ceder" branches to fill the middle of the table, as we opted for white fabric table clothes as well as white fabric napkins.
on the 27th, many hands helped with the set up and serving and cheering and cleaning up again. my mother in law liked the decoration and even more her birthday party. it was joyful and one more happy gathering of extended family over the past christmas season. i'm glad and thankful for each and every moment, of coming together and celebrating with family and friends.

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