November 13, 2014

the lights in november

it's lantern time in my neighborhood. all the kindergarteners have been doing the "raebelichtli umzuege" naturally we went too our kindergarden's walk around the neighborhood too. having been at the kindergarden in the morning to carve the lanterns, the parents enjoyed the time chatting and carving with the kids. it will likely have been the last time for me, as thea is in her second year of kindergarten and usually the lantern parades are not anymore done in primary school. well, i will miss it, miss the sitting down to carve and decide what kind of patterns we want to carve. the walking and singing with the kids at night was very special. maybe we will just do our own little carving session and no one prevents us from singing songs in our yard... that could be considered, though we will see how the girls are doing in a year and if they would be into this kind of activity too.

we do have our little lights right in front of our entrance door. it's a friendly invitation to come and visit. it's a little bit of shining hope and light into this dark season. early nightfall and getting up when it's still dark is hard on all of us, and i would assume not just for us. so we also light candles in the morning. it does lighten up breakfast as well as a warm and wonderful moment of being together to start the day.
so, as i started with telling you about the lantern parade in the evening, i will end with the candle we light in the morning. and it's good for my mood too, just a bit of light to brighten up the morning.

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