November 11, 2014

fabric design by T

a wide open afternoon and a wanting to craft child makes for a good mix and a quickly passing afternoon. painting was, what she wanted to do, a fabric apron was, what i needed her to somehow put a design on. no big deal, for both of us, working together to tape the apron onto the table. and taking the fabric creons out from the cupboard. the creons are wonderful, strong in pigment and slightly oily to the touch. it is easy to work with them, if the fabric is smooth on the surface. and that's why i felt like, i wanted to tape down the object of being colored on.

thea started out with the name of her cousin, as he has had a birthday yesterday and even as we are a bit late, i'm sure he will enjoy the kitchen apron, personalized by thea.
a smily had to be on the design and then it seems like, thea was into boxes and the result looks somewhat like a creative kind of hundertwasser. lovely and absolutely enjoyable to go through the process and i'm once more impressed by my daughters sence of color and space.

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