November 27, 2014

a new toy


well for the next four weeks, amos will be able to play with a new toy...
this is not just for fun though. he is accompanying joel for the christmas musical at our church. the kids ministry is practicing for the "de vierti koenig" a chistmas musical, which will be performed at our church on the 14th of december.
so there is lots and lots of drumming going on right now....
amos is really liking the fact, that he does not have to go out into the garage, all by himself, and it's kind of cold out there now as temperatures dropped.
fine with me, it's great to see him practicing and i don't mind a bit more "back ground" banging in the corner of our living room. so we all seem to like the toy, for  a while at least.

1 comment:

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Looks like great fun!! You're brave for getting that!!! : ) I hope you had a wonderful weekend!!

~ Wendy