November 5, 2014

taking notes

i'm in the middle of taking a course in story telling. it's six days, on which i attend that class and it's really exciting. the idea behind this is, that i will be able to tell stories in authentic and exciting ways. to grasp the kids attention and lead on their way to discover life, discover the bible and discover God.
i love the pen which is use to take notes, such a creative little tool, i got from a child. and i'm inspired to use it, when ever i look at it, or just hold it in my hand.
note taking has been a good learning tool for me in the past and it seems, that it still is. wow it has been a long time, since i have taken the last class, i don't even remember, maybe the "perspectives class" 16 years ago...
well i love learning again and it's smooth so far. though for next tuesday, i will have to tell a story to a group of 5 students and a teacher, and they will critique me. lets see what is going to happen!

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