November 26, 2014

christmas cookies

this year, it seems like we are super early to bake the christmas cookies. we had fun and it was great to work together and so very quickly we packed 10 big tin boxes full with sweetness.
so far there are
:: chraebeli (with anis)
:: sandele (with sandel wood)
:: cinnamon stars
:: spicy balls (some type of allspice and almonds)
:: mailaenderli
:: orangenschnittli

as you might have noticed, there nothing with chocolate on the list...
we have already twice made "basler brunsli" and for the moment, i'm just not ready to melt more chocolate, but it will happen eventually, i'm sure. there is a list of more kinds of christmas cookies, in the back of my head. and of course amos and naomi they have their own ideas of adding to the variety of cookies and that is super fun.

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