November 6, 2014

somewhat like burek

how do you love spinach? i have a few people around my dinner table which do not really love spinach. so there is some creativity being asked of me. in may i tried spinach smoothy, it was nice, i thought. the kids where not hot on it, but slurped it.

we have lots of neighbors from the balkan and so we have been eating burek made by the ones who really know how to make it. though the recipe i looked at was not calling the "rolls" burek and i didn't quiet  understand that will turn out very much as burek. i don't know if i really would have dared to make burek, i was so far not able to get myself to do so. as i really like the real food made by the people who know what they do and it will not turn out the same, when i make it. but this time it got me into the adventure by surprise what it turned out to be. it turned out wonderful and that's what counts at the moment.
so yes the family and everyone else at our dinner and lunch table love burek, and yes even the one i made. i used simple puffy pastery dough but rolled it out much thinner as it usually is done.
so here we go, this is a dish with spinach and fresh cheese (be it goat or not, doesn't really matter, but be aware that you need to add some hot pepper or chili for taste if you do not use the goat cheese).

eaten warm is just super perfect!

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