November 12, 2014

turning 6

our dear thea turned six today!
the long expected birthday day has come  and she has been waking up early to have breakfast with all of us. of course we enjoyed it and loved to have her at the table that early in the morning.
such six year old excitement is wonderful and there is not a moment one of us doubted that thea's age. lot's of exclamations all through the day, as well as loving to be at center stage for this one big day.
not just breakfast was all hers, but also the mid afternoon cake celebration with all the grandparents and a couple more friends, even big brothers colleague was invited for cake...

i love the little, though i'm aware that she is not so little anymore, around the house. love to remember how she entered this world, our family, our community life! not a lot of announcing, being birthed in a quick few minutes at home with the dr. colleague living with us attending (thank you mark). a few moments there after all of us sitting in a round and admiring her, the little thea clare.
praying and giving thanks for the precious life we have given to take car and being blessed by.

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