February 22, 2016

a week in the snow

there goes our week in the mountains. it was wonderful, snow and a couple days of really great sunny weather. i got to sit on the side of a little slope and knit, while thea was loving to go up and down that hill. that's how we spent the first day. the consecutive days where spent in ski and snowboard school. the kids loved it and really enjoyed the learning and being out there, a lot.

for me it was more walks or running, a different kind of it, so absolutely in the snow. some hiking with the camera in hand. it was so pretty as the nights were fogy and cold, and some nights windy...

it was a lot of fun to watch the older kids getting the hang of their boards and skis. even i ended up renting a board for two days... a few bruises and lots of fun. joel helped me the first couple hours to get the hang of all that plus and minus business to stay on the board and make curves. well i really totally enjoyed it and will use the snow board again, for sure. not attempting to become as good a rider as the boys, but to enjoy the snow that way.

now back into the regular rhythm of the every day. back to school and back to early breakfasts at 6:30am. it was easy today, and i hope for a quick adjustment on my end. so far, i can draw from lots of sleep and rest of the past couple weeks, may it last for a while.

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