February 9, 2016

cutting :: knitting

that's my day, the gardeners are cutting our chestnut tree, the apple tree, the black berry bushes and the big ivy on the south-east facing garage wall. there is so much work going on around me and so i have to keep my hands busy too. knitting with a wonderful strand of noro yarn from japan. i have had it in my stash a long time and just didn't want to get it knit away mindlessly.
so i found the right alpaca, a wonderful soft to the touch yarn. so i got to cast on a moebius shawl. i wanted a bit of a pattern but not much, as the noro strand is so pretty and has a nice cclor fold to it. so this is life for the moment. it's raining today, the gardeners are taking all the cuttings away and our chestnut tree is left bare and it looks kind of sad. though i'm happy it got a good pruning and the tree will shoot forth again in just a few weeks. though my thoughts are all wrapped around the coming week, when we will be out in the snow, up in the mountain. though for now, i'm organizing the luggage, as we send it ahead to be able to travel lightly on saturday.

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