February 8, 2016

bike cleaning

it's the beginning of february, and definitely not the season one would think of bike cleaning and fixing and getting ready for some good riding. though as winter seems not to come this year, or has already left after a couple days of cold and snow, it feels right. in addition, our kids ride their bikes all year round, to school and back, this makes a daily commute of st least 10km. so in that perspective, it has been an excellent winter season and of course one needs to have a ready running bike every morning. if the boys bikes are not ready on a monday morning, mamas old one is being pulled out and without asking being used. by now i know and they both got a "talking to". as i really do appreciate to know where my bike is, as i use mine also frequently. never mind. i'm the kind of mama which is glad and happy if the kids get to ride and move their bodies, so i don't mind too much. but asking would be nice.

though the cleaning, fixing pumping and taking care of is usually joel, he is really good at it and so he has reserved a couple hours of the past two saturdays to work with both boys on their vehicles.
thank you joel for doing such a splendid job and yes, we don't do all the work, there is a very nice and friendly bike mechanic near by...

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