February 11, 2016

yummy breakfasts and more

we are in the middle of sports vacation, and we absolutely love it
big breakfast at 9am, naomi was baking pancake one moring, lots of hot cocoa and the mama even caves in and lets the kids drink orange juice!
well it's vacation and so we spend a lot of time sitting around the breakfast table. the kids have been visiting different friends and family, which is lovely and i get to spend time with them in different settings and orders. lot's of good interactions take place.

elias helped yesterday with all the donated veggies we got, lot's of brussels sprouts and leek are now packed in the freezer, eggplant has been roasted and put in the fridge, there will be some wonderful italian dish being cooked up tomorrow, as for tonight it's a minestrone soup with carrots, celeriac, beans and what ever else is sitting in the cool garden shed to be eaten.
amos arrived home too, after spending 5 days snow boarding with a friend. well that second boy of ours is growing up and fast too! i'm happy to have him home for a few days before we all go on our family ski/snowboard vacation on saturday.

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