February 23, 2016

reading and living

some "evenings" are for reading...

just cozy up in a comfortable corner keeping the light on all night and just read. forget the call for dinner, don't notice that it get more quiet in the house, but read on. i have not done that for ages, but remember doing so while a teenager. forgetting the time, not minding the world around me but staying in that special place in that wondrous world of adventures and emotions with the character all taken in by the tension the writer has been able to create.
We have at least two people in the family who are able to dive into their books again and again. Be it on the way to or from work or at any given moment, at any given place...
for me it takes a bit more, there has to be a certain kind of "work is done", feeling to get me settled comfortably to take me into the book. but it does happen now and then.

as for now, i'm reading
:: kebab zum bankgeheimnis by yusuf yesilöz, a collection of short stories
:: taproot, issue 16
:: an imperfect offering by james orbinski
:: léon & louise by alex capus (audio, read by ulrich noethen)

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