February 25, 2016

my portland pullover

the protland sweater is a breeze to knit. it has traveled with me on the train and onto the ski slopes of adelboden, last week. while i was looking through the pictures for this post, i came across the apple tree branches. before we went on vacation i cut a few twigs and put them in the water in our living room, in hopes of some early spring signs at the beginning of march. low and behold some tiny leafs are springing forth and i'm happy. overjoyed for spring is coming soon.

and there is my portland. it's growing and i'm already able to join the body with the two sleeves. i don't remember being so fast with a project for myself... and yet, it is not done.
a few more hours to finish the garter pattern with short rows, kind of a new thing for me. i had to read the pattern a few times, look good at the pictures taken of the sweater. it does seem to make sense and i start to understand the "short row thingy".
the finished portland will be photographed and shown here, though be patient.

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