August 18, 2016

at the end of summer

late summer, i have to come to terms with the season. it does slowly sink in, sommer is at it's way out with the full moon of tomorrow it's officially going to say good by!

a piece of land around the corner, passed the library, across from the kindergarden, it has been "empty", and though so rich and full for my eyes. a bit of the urban wild i absolutely enjoy and savor.
that field is wonderful to see the seasons pass, especially the summer turning into autumn. all those dry thistles, the uncut grass and lots of bees and insects whirring and buzzing.

we did the laundry, were able to hang it behind the house and have it dried before the rain poured this afternoon. thankful for it and thankful for the two kids which were at home and helped with all the little and big chores, the music making and cooking. playing cards and ball games. having a dinner table of 14, serving bread pudding and home made vanilla sauce with it. o so very yummy, a perfect meal to enjoy at a rainy summer night. it was so dark already, that we felt like lighting the candles, a sure sine, of days getting shorter again!

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