August 15, 2016

loving summer

we hopped on our bikes and brought picnic as well as swim trunks along, to the river. found a wonderful little spot with some shade and made a fire. of course first there was lots of swimming and splashing, even jumping into a basin was possible. summer love, i would call the sunday afternoon.
taking along friends and they brought their volley ball, fun to play in the water too. lot's of stones were collectded.
i don't want to have the kids go back to school, i really enjoy the time with them all. i want the freedom to go places to read and craft and cook when we want and what we want. i love summer and the freedom it all brings to my days. one more week, and then i will be all on my own again.
elias already started today, super happy and excited for what's to come. it is fantastic to see him this way, it's going to be good.

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