August 23, 2016

school :: summer days

school started, we are all in and like it. so much excitement by all four kids, even the teenagers, at least that's how it appears to me. of course, new textbooks, new schedules, new workbooks and so many white and unused pages to write and draw on. this all are reasons to be excited. even more though, are new subjects and teachers, new school mates to become friends with. it seems like elias, amos, as well as naomi started very well at their new places and thea is loving it, to be back with her teacher, which she loved all through 1st grade.

i'm super quickly getting used to long mornings again. having breakfast at 6:35am and everyone out of the house close to 8am, makes for lot's of time left in a morning. running and picking flowers, reading and helping a friend to invite er mother for a visit from a country where the mother needs a visa.... (well, we are working on that one with all the additional certificates and letter's of invitation as well as prove of income etc.)

the weather is still summery and it will get really warm again tomorrow, i love it and keep enjoying as much as i can.

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Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

I hope your children have a wonderful school year. Sounds like they are off to a wonderful start!! Enjoy your morning to yourself. We have two more weeks and then it's back to school for us as well. : )

~ Wendy xo